MPB Bundles Fail to Import

Another little console bug…

So generally when I create MPB bundles it’s for a bespoke form that needs ListView controls in it, or the standard Related Items, and History tabs.

The SCSM import mp console control has a nice little pre-import validation process, that checks things like; does this MP already exist, are the version numbers sequential, etc.

Generally, when I come to import MPB bundles into SCSM I’m doing it singularly to test and then finalise the MP.  Today however I needed to import a number of MPB bundles at once along with some other management packs as part of a larger project.

So I add a few MPs to the import list, then my MPB bundle which validates successfully (see screenshot)…


…then another MP, and… Whoa, my previously validated MPB bundle has suddenly failed to validate!  I check the error, and SCSM is stating that the MP is missing component files. (See Screenshot)


That can’t be right, the dll is present and it validated OK previously.  This is “the bug”.  MPB files will successfully validate and import using the SCSM console so long as they are the last management pack to be imported.  This demo shows a form bundle but the you get the same behaviour with any MPB file.

This problem is resolved completely by importing via PowerShell.

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